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Adidas Shoes - Why Malaysians Love The Adidas Brand

Malaysians are starting to become more and more active by participating in marathons and various international sports.

It is no wonder that the popularity of sports footwear, such as Adidas, Nikes, and Reebok trainers, is growing rapidly.

However, the footwear brand that continues to sell in Malaysia is Adidas for a number of reasons.

The Present Popularity of Adidas Sneakers

In 2016, Adidas continued to lead the sportswear revolution in Malaysia with a 15% share of value sales.

With the introduction of new items that were wildly popular abroad, like the Adidas NMD, as well as old streetwear standbys like the Adidas Superstar, the sales rapidly increased.

Additionally, Adidas Malaysia is the forerunner in promoting and empowering Malaysian women by creating sportswear that suits their needs and style.

In fact, the Three Stripes are so much more popularity than the Swoosh that there are collectors in Malaysia who are buying up vintage Adidas before they disappear from the market.

The other notable reason that Adidas is growing at an accelerated rate would be the introduction of the Ultra Boost sneaker, one of the best running sneakers in the world, as well as shoes designed by internationally known music artists like Yeezy and Kanye West. For those Malaysians who love these artists, merely being able to purchase a shoe touting the name is happiness.

Pair the sensation caused by celebrities talking about the superior quality of Adidas shoes as well as the actual comfort and durability, and you have a winning piece of athleisure (the fusion of "athletics" and "leisure") that has captured the hearts of many Malaysians to date. The boost sole technology has also enhanced the capabilities of Adidas, making it versatile for both urban and outdoor usage.

Adidas' competitors are having a difficult time keeping up with the balance of style, comfort, and support provided by these shoes.

What The Future May Bring

You may not be completely sold on the popularity of Adidas trainers yet. Maybe you are indeed a diehard fan who has several pairs of Three Stripes in your closet. The question is whether you intend to purchase a pair of Adidas Malaysia footwear in the future or if you will continue to be a loyal customer.

The future of Adidas shoes looks bright, especially in Malaysia. As mentioned earlier, Adidas is a brand that is considering the needs of both Malaysian men and women by creating all kinds of apparel (not just shoes) that make going to the gym and fitness clubs as enjoyable as simply going out for a jog.

With more Malaysians getting connected to the fitness revolution, as well as with social media, where Adidas is also considered one of the most photogenic shoes, it is certain that Adidas will soon become a fashion staple.

Are you going to join the trend?

There are a couple of reasons why you should love Adidas (and a couple of reasons why you may not). Let's have a look:

Reasons Why Malaysians Love Adidas

  • A forerunner in fashion, Adidas has an influence in where athleisure style is headed. For the fashionable Malaysians out there, Adidas shoes and clothing is a must.
  • Comfort - Adidas are unparalleled in both urban and rural settings.
  • Appropriate sizing. Malaysian feet are different from European feet, and the Adidas brand seems to understand that better than any other.

Reasons Not to Love Adidas

  • The shoes are generally more expensive than some other brands in Malaysia.
  • Adidas are not as customizable as other brands, like Nike.

In short, Adidas is a brand that has garnered a lot of love from Malaysians. Expect to see the Three Stripes gain more popularity and keep making headlines.

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