Nike Air Max

Nike Air Max - All You Need to Know Before Buying a Pair

One of the most popular trainer brands around the world, including Malaysia, would be Nike.

The brand is known for innovative and stylish athletic apparel and fantastic trainers.

If you are looking for a new shoe for your collection or to replace ones that are worn-out, consider the Nike Air Max.

The Nike Air Max 2017 is a tradition mixed with new aesthetic so that performance and sophistication come together to make a shoe that is both solid and sleek.

Nike Air Max MalaysiaThere are a number of different styles such as Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Force, Nike Air Jordan, Nike Air Max 1, Nike Air Force 1, Nike Air Presto and more Malaysia Nike Air Max shoes models.

Materials that were used to construct the trainer include Nike's molded Fly Mesh used for the upper material; the midsole is EVA foam, contains a full-length Max Air Bag; and the outsole is hard rubber.

Is the Nike Air Max Right For You?

Let’s weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this perpetually popular design:


  • The Nike Air Max is said to be one of the most comfortable shoes of 2017. In fact, the design improvements and quality is notably more remarkable than the 2016 version.
  • Comes in various colour combinations to suit your personal style.
  • Either in the dark or in minimal visibility, the Nike Air Max from has sufficient reflectivity so you will be seen and safe.
  • For those with active lifestyles, you will love that the cushioning absorbs shock quite well. Whether you are cross training for a run or are merely walking around the streets doing errands, these trainers are satisfactorily supportive.
  • The Air Max 2017 is lighter than the 2016 design.
  • The support of the sole and heel is also useful for weightlifting and cardio classes at the gym.
  • Excellent heel grip. The heel collar is also generously padded.
  • You can also count on durability. Even after hours of endless use (with an upper limit fail point of around 560-600 kilometres), the Air Max will show little sign of wear and tear unlike cheaper shoe brands and models. You get what you pay for and more.



  • The Nike Air Max has a very high price tag.
  • Regular size weighs 366g, and the wide version is 337g. This is by no means a lightweight shoe.
  • Poor traction on wet or slick surfaces.
  • Those who found the Nike Air Max 2016 model to be quite roomy may find that the 2017 is much tighter around the foot. You may have to transition to a wide.
  • There is now a tongue attached that is reported to cause too much tightness or snugness around the top of the foot that may restrict the ankle. Even when the laces are adjusted, the pressure may be uncomfortable for some.
  • Some runners have reported that the cushioning is too hard on their heels. If you have heel spurs or sensitive arches (or flat feet), you should definitely test the Nike Air Max to see if the trainers could potentially agitate these conditions.
  • There is no style difference between the Nike Air Max 2016 and the 2017. In fact, the styling may be getting a little stale.

The bottom line for the newest Malaysia Nike Air Max such as Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Force, Nike Air Jordan, Nike Air Max 1, Nike Air Force 1, Nike Air Presto is that the shoe continues to be a top-of-the-line trainer for anyone who is looking for a supportive shoe that can endure even high-intensity lifestyles and workouts.

The Nike Air Max does indeed catch the eye of the passerby for having tasteful design while providing the wearer with adequate support and above-average comfort.

The two downsides, however, is the hefty price tag and the narrowness of the shoe.

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