Reebok Shoes - More and More Malaysians Like This Brand

Two years ago in 2017, Kuala Lumpur hosted the only Reebok Les Mills ONE LIVE event in South East Asia.

Though Reebok was initially a known brand in Malaysia, it was not a challenger for the most popular, especially against contenders like Nike and Adidas.

However, since the StarXpo Centre at KWC Fashion Mall kicked off the global event, Reebok's gained a steady following in Malaysia that continues on to this very day.

Though it's been talked about before, Malaysian men and women are jumping aboard the bandwagon and getting more and more interested in fitness. Gyms are not just oriented towards those lifting weights anymore.

There are fitness classes that combine dance and other elements, as well as yoga and strength-building workouts (like the Les Mills platform).

Reebok also is a sponsor for the Spartan Race, which also first appeared in Malaysia in 2015. By simply have the brand name on the promotional title, Reebok received attention.

Secondly, the CrossFit sensation that is sweeping the globe has finally landed in Malaysia. And do you know who formed a partnership with CrossFit in 2013? Reebok, of course! Since then, Reebok has been a popular fitness brand that not only creates active lifestyle wear but is endorsed by some of the world's most famous athletes and sensations, like the yogini Tara Stiles, hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar, and basketball stars Shaquille O'Neal and Allen Iverson.

Eye on a Fashion Capital

It is known that Hong Kong is one of the fashion hubs of Southeast Asia and that whatever hits the streets of HK eventually comes to Malaysia. Right now, the Reebok InstaPump Fury is the most popular shoe in Hong Kong, Singapore, and other SEA countries.

Though it is not the most elegant of designs, the Reebok InstaPump Fury is a canvas for the world’s most coolest design collaborations.

Back in the 1980s and 90s, Reebok first released the InstaPump during an experimental phase. That shoe was a mishmash of technologies that seemed to be glued together and not at all like a running shoe. But it challenged the norm, breaking the concept of what a trainer shoe look and feel like.

In the mid-2000s, the "Jackie Chan" InstaPump Fury design was extremely popular in Asia. The designers decided to utilize the concepts gained from international influences to fabricate the latest Reebok designs.

Thus, the 2017 model has become the most iconic shoe of 2017 for not only bringing back a sense of nostalgia from the '80s and '90s but the crazy design elements that create an entire new persona for the wearer.

Price Comparison

Not only is Reebok shoes gaining familiarity among the Malaysian popularity, the brand is also proving that you don't need to pay heaps of ringgit to get a decent and head-turning shoe that functions well in all kinds of settings.

On average, a Reebok running shoe will cost around RM 300.00 to 550.00, as opposed other brands, like Nike or Adidas, that cost on average around RM 700.00 to 900.00. For the financially conscious Malaysian who wants a clear compromise between cost and quality, Reebok is a wise choice.

With an accelerating growth of followers in Southeast Asia and, mainly, Malaysia, Reebok may soon become the footwear that Malaysians reach for when they are shopping for the latest trainer trends or are in need of a budget-friendly, stylish shoe that is both durable and comfortable.

Reebok sneakers and shoes and athletic apparel comes in a vast range of style and colours, so you are sure to find something that will catch your eye!

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