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Want to look cool like just how skaters appeal to you when you see one or even heard just the mention of them? Vans shoes are the ideal option for you then! Vans, the brand of shoes that started in Southern California is now brought to you by ShoeNext, an online store in Malaysia storing a wide selection of shoe brands for men, women and kids! Experience walking the hallways with style and comfort! That’s what defines Vans shoes!

Looking for a pair of cool shoes you can walk around and reflect your retro or urban style? It is sensible to say that you can achieve that look with these pair of shoes! So, ready your cart, take a look at our collection and find the exact item that reflects your personality and style!

Getting to Know the Brand that Embodies Creativity & Self-Expression

Vans is a brand of shoes that is designed with authenticity, individual style and youth in mind. As a popular brand among various types of individuals, it has always strived to embody two things: self-expression and creativity. The brand does with the help of their “4 Pillars of Youth Culture” which serves as their guide. These 4 Pillars are action sports, music, street culture and art. Having action sports as one of its pillars, the brand supports skateboarding as well as BMX.

Purchasing a Pair of Vans Shoes at ShoeNext

The online store may serve as just a place where you can easily access a wide selection of these youthful and cool shoes. But,there is more that you may realize along the way with the online shop. One of these is that warm welcome the store lets you feel once you enter the store.

Feel that heartwarming welcome you can experience at the shop. Choose from a wide array of shoes from the brand. Pick something that defines your personality and style. Be part of the Vans craze. Pair it with anything and achieve a casual look that is boosted to another level. Feel the comfort of the only shoe brand that supports youth movement and action sports lifestyle. Enjoy that spunky and edgy, yet fashionable characteristic that these shoes are known with.

You can now experience, feel and enjoy all of these with Vans Malaysia! No need to take so much time looking for these cool shoes! It is now made more accessible to you, which is enabled together with a lot of great deals for you to take advantage of. Take your pick now! 

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